1 Man Wing Support

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This modification comes to us from Kevin Metzler via Jorge Bujanda. These supports allow you get your wings on and off by yourself, and roll them around as needed.

Wing Supports

The devices are designed to support the wings in three points; an outboard point, an inboard point toward the trailing edge of the wing, and another one toward the leading edge of the wing forming a triangle between the three. They are made of 2x4s and 2x2s and roll on 4 caster wheels each. They use a 1/2" threaded rod and nut that acts as a jack to get the wing to the correct height and angle of attack to insert the bolts. The pads are made of squares of 2x4s with a piece of silicone on the top and an oversize hole on the bottom to allow pivoting in all axes on top of the rods and adapt to the wing's surface.

Wing Supports 1.JPG
Wing Supports 2.JPG
Wing Supports 3.JPG
Wing Supports 4.JPG
Wing Supports 5.JPG
Wing Supports 6.JPG
Wing Supports 7.JPG