Adjustable Sparrow Strainer

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A couple of us have created an adjustable sparrow strainer to try to get just the right balance between it's high-end trim and pitch stability and low end spring trim.

Brett Ferrell

We created an adjustable sparrow strainer after breaking the arms off by accidentally stepping on it! We drilled out the attachment points and floxing in these threaded inserts from McMaster Carr.

Andrew Elsey

Cutting the Sparrow Strainer off and reattaching it at a different angle seems a bit harsh. I made my SS adjustable by potting a 10X32 nut plate inside each end of the airfoil. So the Airfoil is then held in place on by two 10X32 screws. I am not flying yet, so I don't know if my aircraft even needs an adjustable SS. But from all of the talk of trim problems on the reflector, over the years, I thought that I would be proactive and make my SS adjustable. I will install mine per the manual, but if needed, I can change the angle of attack or even invert my SS airfoil as some have suggested. I also think with a little trial and error, I should be able to adjust the SS depending on my aircraft CG calculations, due to passenger loading. This may be wishful thinking on my part, due to the small size of the Sparrow Strainer.