Calhoun N992PC

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Paul Calhoun's N992PC XL/RG

Paul's XL/RG is for sale on Barnstormers as of June 2009. Relisted May 2011. Offered for sale on ebay in May 2012. Again for sale in 2018 on Controller

Engine: IO-540-260hp,. Electronic ignition, MT, C/S propeller, GW 2900lbs. Cruises at 180kts true. 5.5 hours endurance.

Full IFR panel with Vision Micro System, MX-20, Stec30-A/P, GPSS, HSI, Strike-finder, SL-30, 4x Intercom, GPS-COM, 327 Transx, Built in O2 system, Skylight, strakewindows, Leather interior, Special sound proofing.

Airworthiness Date: 07/23/2004
Builder:                      Paul Calhoun
Serial#:                     3RX045