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Gary Ciampa N127DH, built by William Huisman. This aircraft was the first customer Velocity Elite to fly and was an Oshkosh award winner in 1997. The aircraft was damaged and rendered un-airworthy in a landing incident in 2008 and was parted out on Barnstormers as of January 2010. Registration data courtesy of and

Airworthiness Date: 04/23/1996
Builder: William Huisman
Damaged/Decommissioned: 2009

Note the one-of-a kind geometric paint scheme, inspired by the "Composition Oils on Canvas" from the Dutch Artist, Piet Mondrian.

From Velocity Views: "RECEIVED MY VELOCITY KIT , Fixed Gear 173 Elite December 22, 1994, one day before my Daughter was born. Started building January 1,1995 and first flight conducted at May 3, 1996. Total building time 2000 hours, excl. same amount of time spent at Home Depot and in Spruce Catalog.

Building the Velocity was fun, I was able to put entire plane in my basement and built at home, so all free time could be spent building. My plane was the first Elite under construction, so some parts I had to wait for, and others I helped Sebastian develop. I had no previous experience building planes, but with common sense, my Makita Grinder and the help of Sebastian no major problems were encountered during process. Fitting the doors, building the tanks and intersection wings-Strakes were major time consumers. Also it is true that when your project looks like an airplane, and you think you are 50% done actually you are at 20%. Wiring, engine installation and upholstery takes at least as long as structural work.

First flight was great, no trim was necessary but the excitement related...certainly took away a couple of years of my life. The plane cruises at 165 Knots, burning 10.5 GPH. I was able to pick up a New IO-360, installed Jeff Rose Electronic Ignition (highly recommended), B & C Starter, as well as a Rocky Mountain Engine Monitor (also good choice). Engine runs great at 190 C CHT , but I battled high oil temperature for a long time.

I tried everything, but only after I separated the oil lines to the oil cooler, oil temps became within limits. Now one line runs in pilot duct, other in co-pilot duct, and in my mind everybody should do this. I installed Two King KX 155, Glide Slope, KT-76A Apollo 360, Navaid Wingleveler coupled to GPS, and CD Player into PM 2000 intercom. Also I installed an Air-Par, a little device that reads out the Transponder Encoder, handy for IFR flights. Until now I hobbed 110 hours, and finally all little projects are off my to-do list. Everybody stands still at the plane at fly inns, due to the paint job, as well as the design. Paint used was Glaserut, with a clear coat finish.

For all you out there building, it is worth the time, so keep going. I do not like to be the only Velocity at flyins.

William Huisman"
The one-of-a kind geometric paint scheme, inspired by the "Composition Oils on Canvas" from the Dutch Artist, Piet Mondrian.


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