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Brazilian Wings

Contributed by Scott Baker

You are correct that the first set of "Brazilian wings" had problems with winglet and rudder flutter. Brendan O'Riordan (CFI and first flight pilot for "Bob-1", a XL-FG model with the first set of Brazilian made wings) experienced winglet flutter that resulted in a forced/off-airport landing. Brendan, thank the Lord, was okay and suffered only bruises as a result of the crash. Following this several aeronautical engineers looked at the Brazilian wing design. The fix-it was a newly designed winglet and rudder. Important note: ALLl Velocity customers with the "Brazilian wings" have the new winglets and rudders. The new winglets and rudders have proven to be structurally and aerodynamically fine. No problems or issues whatsoever. I guess that 16 or so "Brazilian wings' are flying today. If memory serves, 20-Velocity customers have "Brazilian wings". The Velocity factory has one set in stock that is reserved for the development of a twin-Velocity.


UPDATE: Subkits are no longer offered, they were discontinued about 2008.

A word on the winglet kit: the Winglet kit was developed as much as an introductory kit as it was an integral part of the finished aircraft. Velocity feels that offering a winglet kit offers many benefits to the potential Velocity builder as a "first sub-kit." First off, it's a relatively low cost item - The new builder can get his feet wet and find out if the project is for him without fully committing himself financially. Beyond that, the construction methods used in building the winglets are easily mastered and are indicative of many of the steps that will be used later on in building the kit. The kit was developed to be as user friendly as possible. Velocity includes a Michaels Engineering epoxy ratio pump, all of the epoxy that will be needed, fiberglass, pre-hotwired winglet cores, winglet NAV antenna, coaxial cable, micro-balloons, mixing sticks, mixing cups, brushes, an instructional DVD set, Builder's Manual, and a Velocity Logo hat. The sub-kits are broken down for the XL as follows:

1. Winglet Kit: $950 
2. Canard Kit: $2900
3. Left Main Wing Kit: $6250
4. Right Main Wing Kit: $6250
5. Fuselage Kit: $24,850
   * Fuselage Kit Options:
   * Retract Landing Gear: $9000
   * Fastbuild Fuselage: $9000
   * Dash-5 Package: $3500
6. Fuel Strake Kit: $5000

Split-Kit Details: These prices do not include crating or shipping charges. Each sub-kit price is subject to change at any time. That is, as price increases effect the full kit base price, the sub-kit prices will be adjusted accordingly.

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