Cunningham N418DC

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Dan Cunningham N418DC

First flight was covered in the Velocity Views.

Airworthiness Date: 08/20/1998
Builder:                     Dan Cunningham
Serial#:                     Unknown (could be DMO331, FAA shows 331)


From Kitplanes Completions October 2000, "I started building my Velocity standard, fixed gera in October 1995 and finished in April 1998 with 3300 hours of construction time. Velocity 418DC is equipped with an IO-360 CIC 200 HP Lycoming driving a performance propeller. The IFR instrument panel has a Vision Micro engine monitor and Terra radios. The first flight took place on August 26, 1998, followed by 40 hours of tweaking (oil cooler, wheelpants, ram air, etc.). The Velocity flew great from the first flight on. I now have 72 hours on the airplane, including a 1,000 mile trip from Illinois to Florida for Sun 'n Fun '99. the Velocity is an amazingly stable, fast, great handling machine. Thanks to the people at Velocity-they are great."