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Dave Dent N32XL XL/RG

An old Velocity views article indicates that this airplane came to the US from Australia, where it was VH-XLV.

 My name is Dave Dent.  My story was in the last Velocity Views.  I bought Leon Howe's XL/RG from Australia.
 I have been flying it for awhile now and I would like to start participating with those that have 
 been flying these beautiful birds for some time. I have encountered a number of problems I have worked through 
 and now have encountered the bad landing characteristic problems. I called John and Mary Wright 
 last night and had a wonderful time talking to them. They suggested that I write you and see if I could 
 join the Reflector. 
 My back ground is 45 years in aviation.  Com.Pilot,Inst.ME and A/P-IA. Started flying in 1963 and 
 have just over 4000 something hours.  I have over 1400 hours flying canard type planes.  I worked with NASA from 1993
 to 2000 dealing with remote piloted high altitude aircraft design and testing out of Edwards AFB.  
 Built a number of planes and test flown a few as well.
 We have two other planes as well. That is my partner and I, A long EZ with just under 1400 hrs and a Cozy IV 
 with right round 350hrs.  Both are now up for sale because of the purchase of the Velocity.  I have been flying 
 the EZ around to different places to put adds up and show and tell and rides trying to sell it.  Right now 
 there are a few interested in it.  But no money.  Hope to sell them this summer.
 I will be bringing my Velocity N32XL to Marysville on the 18th and show it with the others.

 The one big thing I would like to find out is what has been other then the vortex generators and fences 
 to relieve the slow speed landing problem?  I can't remember ever flying a plane that was so hard to put down
 on the ground, when it flys so great in the air.
 I have the nose gear problem solved. But there is more work needed there.  It isn't over yet.
 Your consideration in letting me join would be greatly appreciated.
 Dave Dent

Airworthiness Date: 07/14/2009
Builder:                     Dave Dent
Serial#:                     Unknown (FAA shows N474, DMO#?)



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