Derrick N647JA

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Scott Derrick N647JA SE/RG

For sale on Barnstormers as of 05/2012.

Airworthiness Date: 05/16/2002
Builder:                     Wright/Anderson
Serial#:                     DMO374

Includes a the split door for easier access, similar to an "air stair".

That's Chuck Harbert's door. It's an improved version of the split door on my 97 STD that was built by Tom Wright in PA.

A quote from Chuck:

 Guys, I think I left it that I would report back on how the door was 
 working after I flew it for a little while. I'm pleased to report that I
 really like the way its performing. There are no air or rain leaks into
 the cabin area which is good. I was pleased to see that there is zero
 flexing in the side of the fuselage, even during some non-soft landings.
 I've had a 200+ lb person stand on it with no deflection. The latching
 mechanism solidly secures the door and hatch, but I did add a small pin
 lock as a precaution. Building the latch mechanism cover was a tough job,
 but it looks good and doesn't interfere with the mechanism.

  My passengers have told me they are very happy they don't have to climb
 up on the wing to get in. I don't know if this is something that would be
 a subject for discussion at the TX builders forum, but I'm really glad I
 did it. Builders with the hatch type planes should consider making
 this modification which makes it equivalent to an SUV. I've attached a
 picture of it in case you didn't see it before. I believe Scott Lower
 ( has completed plans and instructions on how to do
 this if you're interested. 

Derrick rear low.JPG