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IO540 Type Certificate
O540 Type Certificate
Airventure Article by Jack Watson
Air/Oil Separator Article by Don White
Experimental Maintenance
2008 Airventure BBQ Yearbook
Buffalo Forge Augmentor Article

MT Prop Hub Rebuild

For detailed instructions on hub rebuild go here, or you can download a MS Word version to print: MT Prop Hub Maintenance


VNE Article
Flying with an Open Door
Flying the Velocity IFR
A nice write-up of Terry Miles very long (real) cross-country adventure.
Here is a rundown on the first "Velocity Midwest" flyin!
Koch Chart for Density Altitude Performance
Crosswind Chart
Weight and Balance

Weight and Balance

Weight and Balance
Dale Alexander and Ronnie Brown       WB_Dave_Bertram_05-13-2006.xls          Christopher Martin and Brett Ferrell

NACA Ducts

Andy Millin
NACA Article SA 12-01.pdf

AC 43.13 Acceptable Methods

Cover Purpose Table of Contents
CH1.1: Wood Structure Ch1.2: Health and Safety CH.3: Inspection CH1.4A: Repairs CH1.4B: Repairs Continued
CH1.5: Finishing
CH2.1: Fabric Covering Ch2.2: Dope Ch2.3: Inspection CH2.4: Repairs
Ch3.1: Composites Ch3.2: Metal Sandwich Repair CH3.3: Transparent Plastics Ch3.4: Windshields
CH4.1: Metal Structure CH4.2: Testing CH4.3: Precautions Ch4.4: Repair CH4.5: Welding
CH4.6: Welding Safety
CH5.1: ND Testing CH5.2: Visual Inspection CH5.3: Eddy Current CH5.4: Magnetic Particle CH5.5: Penetrant Inspection
CH5.6: X-Ray Inspection CH5.7:Untrasonic Inspection CH5.8: Tap Testing
CH6.1: Corrosion Inspection CH6.2: Types of Corrosion CH6.3:Corrosion Protection CH6.4: Corrosion Maintenance CH6.5: Visual Inspection
CH6.6: Corrosion Removal CH6.7: Corrosion Removal CH6.8: Aluminum CH6.9: Magnesium CH6.10: Ferrous Metals _- CH6.11: Other Metals CH6.12: Plated Parts CH6.13: Corrosion Proofing CH6.14: Water Immersion
CH7.1: Aircraft Hardware CH7.2: Screws CH7.3: Bolts CH7.4: Nuts CH7.5: Washers
CH7.6: Pins CH7.7: Safteying CH7.8: Control Cables CH7.9: Turnbuckles CH7.10: Turnbuckle Safety
CH7.11: Hardware Identification
CH8.1: Engines, prop, fuel CH8.2: Fuel CH8.3: Exhaust CH8.4: Repairing Metal Props CH8.5: Inspecting Propellers
CH8.6: Propeller Tracking
CH9.1: Aircraft Systems CH9.2: Hydraulic Systems CH9.3: Emergency Equipment CH9.4: Cabin Interior
CH10.1: Weight and Balance CH10.2: Weighing Procedures
CH11.1: Electrical Systems CH11.2: Storage Batteries CH11.4: Circuit Protection CH11.5: Wire Rating CH11.6: Wire Selection
CH11.7: Acceptable Wire CH11.8: Wire Installation CH11.9: Electrical Inspection CH11.10: Service Loop CH11.11: Clamping
CH11.12: Wire Insulation CH11.13: Splicing CH11.14: Terminal Repairs CH11.15: Bonding CH11.16: Wire Marking
CH11.17: Connectors CH11.18: Conduits CH11.19: Unused Connectors CH11.20: Electrical Symbols
CH12.1: Avionics CH12.2: Ground Checks CH12.3: Ground Checks 2 CH12.4: Test Equipment Glossary