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An interesting conversation on gas door springs, and how to find ones that have good holding position over time without distorting the doors.

Andy Millin

Andy indicated that his springs are 40# version 177N

 I think it is time to replace the gas springs on my doors.
I have seen recommendations for gas springs, but never wrote them down. Is anyone using something other than stock?
My current springs are labeled: AVM SE850V-40PE SE    Standard extension damped spring 850   Stroke (8.50 inches) V     Rod and Tube size (8mm x 22mm) 40    P1 force (pounds) PE    ??? I've also seen these locking gas springs at McMaster. A little pricey, but, if they won't come down while I'm taxiing ... with a wind gust ... over bumpy ground... Because they are locking, the wouldn't need to be extra strong. Andy


 Thanks for the pictures and the details.  The 220N/50 lb. IS stronger than my existing springs.  
 Even more so now mine have some years on them.
 It sounds like we need somewhere around 8.5-9" of travel with the overall length somewhere around 24".
 The 40 lb. (177N) will lift my upholstered door.  It just doesn't do a good job of keeping it open.  
 It makes sense the factory has moved to a 50 lb. (200N) spring.


 I just spent time chatting with a very nice guy from Bansbach Easylift.  He is an Aerospace Engineer.  He wanted to know everything about the
 application.  He wants to walk me through the process and then help me with a recommendation.  We'll see what he comes up with.

Jorge Bujanda

 I use the 65 lbs
 Door Gas Springs   
 Model #: GS08-0950PE10-049 (Force: 49 lbs)  or          
 Model #: GS08-0950PE10-065 (Force: 65 lbs)
 Gas Spring:  Rod- 8mm / Tube- 19mm / Stroke- 9.5”  Plastic Ends-10mm / Length- 23.03” 
 Austin Hardware and Supply

Reiff Lorenz

Reiff indicated that the factory has moved from the 40# 177N to the 65# version 220N.

 Here is the label off the door gas springs I got from the factory 2 years ago. I've installed them and they work, 
 but my doors don't yet have any interior upholstery or trim on them.
Genesis by Stabilus 1-800-821-3520 6306UK 0220N 172/11 G
The overall length is about 24" (6306 mm?). If the 0220N label means 220 newtons, that's ~50 lbs of force.

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