Elevator Center Bearing

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I use ball bearings that permit the inner .375 ID pivot compared to the outer OD as the canard flexes in flight under load and not bind. It works well and is very smooth.

This upgrade was discussed here on the Reflector. At the same time replace the front bearing in the console. There cheap and have play in them that gets annoying on landing. It starts clicking and makes the elevator system feel sloppy! Mainly during landings due to the small correction in pitch during a landing.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at bmulrooney@comcast.net

Bill Mulrooney N427VA V8 Velocity RG

The plans have an arm with an aluminum busing where the elevators join. The arm has been removed and a new arm has been potted in place, made from 1/4" AL. Notice the flanges that engaged the bushing on the elevator torque tube have also been removed.

If you are interested in the mod, here is the parts list (parts cost under $50):

Elevator bearing upgrade.jpg

Bolt installed with washers and bearings - Elevator tubes slide onto bearings

Elevator bearing installed.jpg

Installed upgrade