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Antonio Espinal's jet powered Velocity, N289AE

Antonio built his airplane with the help of x-jets. The first flight was successful, but the second flight landed short of the runway (accident), apparently because the pilot got behind the power curve and couldn't get the engine to come up to power quickly enough on approach. There is video of this plane flying again as of 2009. Tragically Antonio was killed in a crash of his Beech 98 in March of 2010. Here's another story about the crash.

As of late August 2014 this airplane is up for Auction on eBay by the estate. The plane was repainted after the accident, and the red stripe became a dark grey. Registration is expired (2013), but assumed to be flyable.

Airworthiness Date: 02/03/2006
Builder:                     Antonio Espinal
Serial#:                     Unknown (FAA shows AE125)

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Exterior Pictures

Exterior Pictures

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