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Brett Ferrell N44VF

Airworthiness Date: 07/13/2007
Builder:                       Brett Ferrell

Fn side decal.jpg


Your Wiki host sports a fixed gear XL powered by a high-compression-IO540.

I wrote a piece for the fourth quarter 2002 Velocity Views, so check it out if you have a minute.

N44VF was damaged in an off-airport landing in Otsico, Indiana while en route to the CSA Rough River Canard Fly-in at Rough River State Park outside of Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday September 27th, 2008. Read about it here and see some pictures below.

As of late May 2010 we're back in the air. Check out our pictures below, and our second first flight videos are on YouTube (coming here soon). My recording rig is:

As of the summer 2012, we've finished our exterior finish work, having installed our Graphics vinyl , and have had a custom interior installed by David Spano, a Velocity builder and upholsterer in Chicago.

You can see where 44 Victor Fox is currently (or track our last flight) via APRS at aprs.velocityxl.com. You can also see our videos at Velocity_Videos#Ferrell_N44VF.


Misc Pictures

Flying Pictures

Exterior Pictures

Interior Pictures

Crash Pictures

Rough River 2011 Pictures

Decal Pictures

Model Pictures


YouTube Videos

Check out the rest of our videos on my YouTube Channel


N44VF First Flight 7 September 2007, Dave Bertram test pilot Scott Swing talks canard flying technique - includes an example of canard stall
2015 Ceasars Creek ride along with N44VF 2015 Funday Sunday Fly-in
Velocity Shadow Plane 2015 Brett Velo Practice 10/27/2014
Low Flight 10/19/2014 N44VF Departing KOSH 2014
2014 Rough River to home Fly along with N44VF Victor Fox
Velocity N44VF First Flight with Vortex Generators First flight with constant speed propeller