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Fuselage Tips

Securing Wires

There are a number of ways to secure wire bundles. Most involve cable/zip ties or Velcro.

Plastic Cable Tie Mounts

Cable tie mounts are cheap and readily available. They can be purchased with or without an adhesive back.

The adhesive backed mounts require a very clean surface before application. Even under perfect circumstances they can release over time.

Builders have had success by pop-riveting them on. Others have removed the adhesive pad and potted them in place with epoxy.

Panduit Tie Mounts

Don Johnston used these. They are available on Amazon. Search for part MBMS-S10-CY. Don attached them with structural adhesive.

Fiberglass Tie Mounts

You can fabricate tie mounts out of scrap glass cloth.

Nick Jones.
A friend of mine, Marco Crivellari turned me onto these. I think he got the idea from Nick Ugolini at rough river. You can make then out of scrap fiberglass.
Renè Dugas.
Have made angle fiberglass of 3 layers of bid with two holes drilled for zip ties. Made mine by clamping a 2x4 to to a flat surface then applied a layer of aluminum duct tape to the flat surface and the vertical edge of the 2x4. Aluminum tape is just smoother than regular duct tape. The layup is placed in the angle and allowed to cure. It then easily pops off when the 2x4 is removed. The resulting “L” channel is cut with a band saw into the height and width desired. More layers can be applied to make stronger “L” brackets for tubing and other supports. These brackets were kept in a box for trimming and applied when needed a where needed with the edges and corners sanded.

Velcro Ties

Velcro also works well.

Jorge Bujanda wrote an article explaining how he used it in the Fall 2017 Velocity News (Screwless Cable Ties). Jorge bonded the "fuzzy" size of the Velcro to the surface using 5-minute epoxy.

Reiff Lorenz.

Click Bond

Clickbond specializes in bonded fastners. Some might find their products pricey. They are high quality. Quantity discounts are available. They come with their own epoxy based adhesive.