Gear Leg Heatshield

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Several Velocity's have had gear legs get soft and deform due to radiant heating from the brakes. So much so, that the factory has a metal boot that can be retrofitted over top of the leg to repair the issue. There are a few ways to avoid the issue...

Metal Duct Tape

Man of us have taken the path of least resistance and simply grabbed some aluminum ducting tape and wrapped it around the gear legs to give them a heat-reflective coating.

Dugas Removable Plate

Rene' has a metal reflector mounted by a hose clamp so he easily get it out of the way.

A piece of aluminum slotted in two places with a stainless steel screw clamp works well and is easy to remove. I placed a square of silicone engine baffling between. Works well. I bent mine upwind to direct a little more air onto the disc too.

Rene Heatshield.jpg