Ground Hot Air Vent

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One of the early and still a problem with the Canard type Pusher aircraft, Cozy included, is the confined space between the firewall and the forward engine baffle. This space tends to retain heat and could damage the Mag. coil and possibly other electronic components you may have installed in that area , after you have landed the aircraft.


If you notice on a canard gathering oil dip stick door is left open on the aircraft cowling. Nat suggested a vent right up on the top of the top cowling. This vent will stay closed in flight but a soon as you land and park the door will open and let the heat out.


But!! with the door open you have created another problem "RAIN" for Mag equipped engines a water logged Mag. coil is not desirable either, so what to do? Here is one solution!! I bought a VolksWagen "Bellows" thermostat the one that controlled the vent to the big fan housing in the VW engine, I mounted this bellows on the firewall and made a lever that is rigged to lower when the thermostat expands, thus opening the vent. The vent will stay open for one hour.

by Alex strong