Howe N173VE

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Cory Howe's N173VE

Cory's Velocity was featured in Kitplanes in September 1999. From the article:

"This is the spectacular Velocity 173 RG Elite my father and I built. We started the kit in February 1995; two years and four months later the dream took flight. This was a bold dream. It entailed both a visionary and a builder who combined their efforts to realize a common goal. Imagine building your own aircraft that would fly four people cross-country at 190 mph with a 180 HP engine, powered by auto fuel. The experience of building a beautiful, sleek, IFR-equipped aircraft with a full leather interior will never be forgotten. Our fastest flight was a trip east to Florida at 11,000 feet, screaming along at 275 MPT. My thanks to Velocity for support.

Shown as deregistered destroyed (1998) due to an accident.

Airworthiness Date: 04/03/1996
Builder:                     Cory Howe
Serial#:                     DMO301 (FAA lists 301)