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Bob Jackson N2XF XL/RG

Bob's airplane has a forward-looking infrared (FLIR) camera system installed!

Airworthiness Date: 10/06/2008
Builder:                     Bob Jackson
Serial#:                     3RX029

N2XF 2.jpg

For people who may be interested, we have developed, test flown, and posted a demonstration video of a prototype FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared 'night vision') camera system for our Velocity (N2XF):

The primary purpose of the FLIR is to help the pilot avoid things he needs to miss (like cell phone and communications towers), and find things he needs to find (like the runway) at night and in poor visibility conditions. The Blended Vision FLIR technology is derived from 25-30 years of development for military and aerospace applications. The image from the current prototype is displayed in the 'Video' mode on our GRT Technology 'HX' EFIS cockpit displays. We also record the video from the FLIR in real time onto a laptop (which is what we used to create the demonstration video).

If you'd like to see what FLIR imagery looks like, as flown on a Velocity, go to the Blended Vision website and to the Flight Test Video tab. This demo video was created from the first three FLIR test flights that were flown late last week and over the weekend.



Exterior Pictures


YouTube Videos

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