Lanza N81VA

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Marshal Holtsclaw N81VA SE/FG

This was one of the original factory aircraft, and has sported a number of "special" paint schemes such as "Big Orange", and here she is featured in her "Multicolor" scheme (she may have also worn the "Pink Panther" paint scheme, or that may have been N7044Q). Wayne has rebuilt her and modernized the panel, and she's back to her former glory. She was featured in the July 1993 and September 1988 editions of Sport Aviation. In her pink incarnation she sported Subaru power. 81VA was also critical to resolving the Deep Stall issue that plagued the original design (November 1991 Kitplanes, July 1991 and September 1991 Sport Aviation).

Airworthiness Date:  not in FAA database
Builder:                     David Lee
Serial#:                     DM0043



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