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RG-142 Supplier
RG-142 coax Mil-Spec is the same diameter as RG59 and about the same loss as RG6. This lets you place your transponder antenna in the strake end with little loss. See the following address
Skycraft Parts & Surplus is a great place to find many electrical parts for your aircraft. Located in Orlando, FL
  Jim Agnew




The Yard
McMaster Carr

Velocity Specific

NOTE: I support buying as much from the factory as you can. I find that their prices are reasonable, and hey, they need to make a buck to be around for us in the future. However, if you must, here are other sources.

Brake Parts

3/16" Nylaflow (H thick wall) is the standard factory tubing (Spruce) (Wicks)
Richard Gentil recommends using Versatube (Spruce) (Wicks)
Dave Philipsen recommends StopFlex tubing (Catalog)
Cleveland Brake Conversion Kit - IM199-60 (Aircraft Spruce)
Cleveland Brake Pads (coming)
Cleveland Brake Bleeder (Aircraft Spruce)
Cleveland Brake Discs - 164-01501 (Aircraft Spruce)
Cleveland Brake Pads - 066-10500 DOT 5 Brake (Purple) Fluid for Standard (Datsun-style) Brakes (Bike Bandit)
DOT 3 Brake (Red) Fluid for Toe-Brake Style Brakes ([ Aircraft Sp)
Matco (Datsun B210) Brake Master Cylinders
Matco (Datsun B210) Brake Master Cylinders Rebuild Kit 071-6241

Control Parts

Rudder Pulley - MS24566-1B (Spruce) (Wicks)
Control System Bushings - AN111-6 (for AN3 3/16" diameter bolts) (Spruce) (Wicks)
VRSC-01 - Rudder Wire - 1/6" stainless was standard until June 2008 (Spruce) (Wicks)
VRSC-01 - Rudder Wire - 3/32" stainless standard after June 2008 (Spruce) (Wicks)
Rudder Wire Nicopress sleeves - 18-1-C (Spurce) (Wicks)
MM-4/MW-4 Control Rod Ends (Spruce) (Wicks)
VAUJ-01 - 3" long piece of 5/8" x .058 wall steel tube (Spruce) (Wicks)

MS24566 Rudder Pulley
AN111 Bushing
Nicopress Sleeve
SS Wire
MM-4 Rod End
MW-4 Rod End
VAUJ-01 Steel Tube


Velocity Aircraft
Aircraft Spruce
Wicks Aircraft

Fixed Gear Replacement Bumper

see Fixed Gear Replacement Bumper for details
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