Nose Heat Control

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John Dibble

I'm sending each picture separate. Basically I cut a door out of the naca and hinged it on the front end. This first pic is normal operation with the door closed and outside air going to the cooler as normal. Cooler blower 001 a.jpgCooler blower 003 a.jpgCooler blower 004 a.jpg

Long EZ Style

All the former/current Long EZ drivers will be familiar with this NACA vent pictured here:

RV vent1.jpgRV vent2.jpgRV vent3.jpg

These NACA vents were per plans and were turned on and off by a knob with a threaded rod: all Longs had at least one installed. The one on mine was centerline on the glass structure fwd of the canopy and provided excellent cabin ventilation and was adjustable from fully OFF to MAX and everything in between. I don't see why the NACA scoops on our front oil coolers can't have a 'door' hinged at the very front (very bottom of the 'V'). At the top of the V would be the adjuster. It would be adjustable from OFF, (door fully flush with contours of the fuselage) where cabin heat could now easily be recirculated with the install of one of the fans mentioned in this thread (I like the idea of the bilge fan: I was a Navy man...). As well it could be fully opened (top of V pulled to the bottom of the NACA recess) for warm weather and everything in between. I don't know on the fully opened config how much less airflow over stock would occur due to the alteration of the depth of the leading edge of the NACA however. Yet as has been posted, if the air does need to be slowed down a little for heat soak to occur, a short throw 12V solenoid moving the door would provide an opportunity to find the 'sweet spot' to warm weather cooling. I know some guys have already adopted this concept successfully, I just wonder if the install might be a little easier with a door that simply mirrors the NACA cutout. Anyone remember those cabin ventilation vents on the Long EZ's? They worked well. I heard the company is out of business and the vents no longer available on Spruce.

Mark B. Magee N34XL XLFG 300HP 80HRS