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Oil cooling seems to be a chronic problem, so I'm going to try to capture some of the better ideas on how to control oil temperatures as well as background data that can be useful along the way.

The oil lines running to the nose are 1/2" 3003 AL tubing, mated to Aeroquip #8 stainless steel braided and firesleeved hose in under the cowling. Some folks have reported good additional cooling by adding [NACA_VG_Installation|vortex generators] ahead of their cooling inlets.

As you can see from the series of pictures of Rene Dugas' airplane, he has a significant bump on the bottom of his Velocity that creates a low pressure zone and allows for good airflow through the cooler. He says that he can fly WOT at low altitude with good temperatures with this setup.

Minimum vernatherm extension is .160" according to the below Lycoming information. I found a thread here that gives these approximate overall dimensions. I've also found that you can by a replacement online at Sacramento Sky Ranch. It is to be torqued to 300 in-lbs. The current model number is 53E22144, but you may find these older models in the field (53E19600 ; AEL19600 ; SL53E19600 ; 75944).

I found a couple different measurements, but haven't found the specs yet
cold: 3.800" hot:4.031"

diff: 0.231 (3/16" = 0.1876")
The Vernaterm should extend at least 0.160" Between 150 F and 185 F (the temperature stamped on the Vernatherm 85 C ).

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Oil Cooler Conversions

Niagra Cooler Model
Applicable Engine
Stewart Warner
200002A IO-360, O-360, O-320 P20002C 8406R
200006A IO-360, O-360K, IO-540 P20006C 10611R
200008A IO-360, O-360K, IO-540, V-6, V-8 P20008C 10614R
200009A IO-540

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