Nylon Belleville Anti-Shimmy

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Jeff Howell

Jeff Howell has found that a combo of a home made nylon washer and a nose wheel lock makes a great addation to any velocity. no nose wheel shimmy and awsome steering (taxi) on the ground. "I ordered some 2 1/2" round stock on line and opened up a hole to the right dia. using a lathe. It works great." Of note is the fact that Jeff is apparently using Ken's Nose Wheel Lock system.

"I have used the nylon in place of the belleville washers and it holds torque and pressure but not for any period of time. I am not sure of wear rates and other engineering issues that using only nylon may in tale."

and finally "On my installation I have removed the belliville washers completely. I am using the nose wheel lock and I wanted VERY smooth turning action. I then was thinking teflon washer? So I did some research and found that teflon was not hard enough and that nylon had the characteristics that I wanted. I had the machine shop where I work make me the washers. Now I don't look like a drunken sailor taxing my plane any more. It is so smooth and cake to maneuver. In the pics the nylon washer is black underneath the painted white factory composite washer... Jeff"

Larry Coen

Also "I got some 1/8" nylon flat stock from Aircraft Spruce and used hole saws to make the washers. Very easy.

Larry Coen N136LC "

and "Al,

You are correct. I simply swapped the fiber for the nylon washer. Nylon won’t adsorb water or rust and is self lubricating. Because nylon is self lubricating the problem of grease working its way out is eliminated. My experience has been annual maintenance is all that is necessary. "

Nylon nut.jpg