Olivieri N242JP

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Damien Olivieri N242JP SE/RG

This plane was destroyed in an accident ntsb

The pilot reported that 2 to 3 minutes after takeoff, the cockpit filled with thick smoke that smelled of burning oil, and the engine oil temperature registered above the upper limit. The pilot turned the airplane back for the departure airport and configured the airplane for landing. No corresponding increase in thrust was realized from increased engine power and propeller rpm adjustments, so the landing gear was raised in an attempt to extend glide performance. The airport could not be reached, and the pilot performed an off-airport landing. For more information check out the accident page.

Airworthiness Date: 04/08/1994
Builder:                    Jean Prudhomme
Serial#:                     DM0230
Accident:                   12/26/1999

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