Ostertag N101WV

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Ostertag N101WV SE/FG Unfortunately this plane was totally destroyed in a training accident with the new owner and xxxxx instructing. She was a pretty airplane, and details on the accident are still sketchy.

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OLD: This airplane was offered for sale in Controller.com in January 2011, and as of March 2015 is "rebranded" in Army colors and claiming (at stealthVELO.com) to be radar absorbing. I'm still not sure if that's a gag or meant to be serious, but it looks cool enough.

Information from it's previous sale data.

4- Place Cruises at 186 Kts @ 10.5 Gal/Hr, 65 Useable Gal. Flown  Coast-To-Coast in comfort.  This is a very fun airplane to fly  cross-country!

Pre-Purchase Inspection completed by Velocity Aircraft "Best Finish"
Always Hangared, 900 lb Usefull LoadEngine Specs: Lycoming IO-360 207HPProp(s): MT 3 Blade (constant speed) Completed Overhaul Sep 2010.Modifications/Conversions: Forced Air Heat/Blower for Fresh Air, 3 Oil CoolersAvionics/Radios: King KX 155,King KT76A mode C, King KY97A,King KI209,King KR21,Garmin 155XL, Garmin 330 (ES) Mode S Transponder, Sony CD player,Navaid Devices AutopilotAdditional Equipment: Vision Microsystems EPI 800,PM 2000 4 Place Intercom, 4 Peltor Headsets, Garmin 496 Map with Weather and XM, Dash Mounted.

Airworthiness Date: 05/06/1995
Builder:                     Walter Ostertag
Serial#:                     DMO134

N101WV 14.jpg