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MT Prop govener Selection

Per Eric Greindl @ MT-propeller Entwicklung GmbH

P-860-20 with .947:1 governor gear reduction ratio (wide deck)

P-860-3 with .895:1 governor gear reduction ratio (narrow deck)

My IO-540K1G5 is a wide deck engine - so I have a P-860-20.

John Tvedte johnt at comp-sol dot com

P.S. They also sell/sold a P-420-17 (narrow deck) and P-420-5 (wide deck) - the P-860 series is manufactured by MT.



There are several folks running fixed-pitch Catto props on their aircraft (I am for one), and reporting good performance. Also, there are a couple of folks that have had Craig build blades for their MT hubs. From the Catto website:

There is an alternative to the expensive, heavy, complicated constant speed prop for your Velocity XL and XLRG with either the 260 or 300HP IO-540's. The prop is 68 inches in diameter and pitch will vary from 76 to 82 inches. Layout planform is the newest 05 planform with swept tips that is being implimented for 2005. I can help you determine your exact needs depending on your flight parameters. Price is $2350.

For the 260HP XLRG with full fuel and single pilot, takeoff performance was about 1100ft. Climb rate was 1300fpm and top speed was 193kts TAS.

The prop is bolted onto a Saber 6" extension. The extension is a double barrel for added strength. Propeller bolts, crush plate, extension and extension bolts are available for $683. The spinner used is one supplied from Chris Wade in southern California and is available painted for $185.

These are all the components needed from the engine prop flange aft and you're ready to run.


Hartzell toyed with the idea of selling pusher propellers for the Velocity, and provided a test unit to the factory. However, the testing was not successful, I believe the pressure pulses from the wings were too high, but I'm not sure.

Hartzell Test Prop