Retract Pump and Cylinder Rebuild

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The RG hydraulic pump rebuild kits seem strangely difficult to locate. There is some good info in the Lancair community. They use the same pump/cylinder system that Velocities do. According to their experts, the only non-standard part in the pump rebuild kit is the poppet valve, so you only need a rebuild kit if the poppet valve is leaking. Usually, you just need these standard O-rings from McMaster:

013-90, Spool Seal (013N90)
014-90, Check Valve Body seal (014N90)
908-70, Hex Plug Seal
908 Durometer 90

For more info, see Lancair builder Chris Zavatson's site:

Linked below are his diagrams, explanations, and instructions for rebuilding the hydraulic pump and cylinders.

Schematic File:Gear pump schematics and details (Lancair documentation).pdf
Rebuilding File:Rebuilding Lancair Hydraulic Cylinders.pdf

The parts list for replacing the main and nose gear cylinder seals can be found on the Landing_Gear_Cylinder_Rebuild page.

Hyraulic Schematic.jpg