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Airventure Cup Adventure
Rich Guerra's wonderful compilation of Velocity flying (and Racing) experiences.

Download the video.
Details for those interested: The video is a compilation of experiences over the last few years with most of my AirVenture Cup Races represented.

Opening scene - a pair of hot air balloons settled at the end of the runway and made a really nice backdrop for taxiing for takeoff for a trip to Billings, MT.

Clouds somewhere near Tulsa on return flight from Billings May 2008 ~15500 feet

Nice in-flight video by James Redmon on our way to Dayton, OH for AirVenture Cup 2005. Also seen in his "Berkut Fun 2005" video found on YouTube.

Passing over Devil's Tower (of Close Encounters of the Third Kind fame) in Wyoming. I know, I was way too high but we needed to keep going to avoid some weather in Oklahoma so I couldn't tarry - next time! Look carefully under the canard...

Lake Winebago, just south of OSH, on a spectacularly beautiful morning, on our way to Fond du Lac (KFLD) to participate in 'Glass Overcast'a canard mass arrival to OSH organized by Frank Pullano 7-25-2005. The water was like glass!!

Fly by of Mitchell, SD (KMHE) as part of the AirVenture Cup 2008 arrival procedure. The whole town turned out to see the planes so we gave them a show. You can see the race planes on the ramp.

"Pylon turn" at Rockford, IL AirVenture Cup 2006. Believe it or not, it gets REALLY turbulent on low approach over the river but the airframe damps out a lot of the motion for the camera. I'm always surprised when I see the video and remember the bumps!

A beautiful cross under by Frank Pullano from AVCUP 2004 as we slowed up to land at Fond du Lac after crossing the finish line at Lomira, WI a little strip south of FLD we see a little later in the video

Climbing out away from OSH on the way home to TX in 2005

OSH departure from 36L in 2008, notice the colored dots, a familiar sight during AirVenture

Flying finish for Airventure Cup 2007 at Lomira, WI - "where is it?! Where is it!? There it is off to the left!! Go go go!!"

More in-fllight video from James Redmon and Berkut 13 as we skirt around a towering thunderstorm in amazingly smooth air but it made an amazing backdrop!

Turning toward Sterling-Rock Falls (KSQI) for a low approach 'pylon turn' for AirVenture Cup 2006

Low pass over Kankakee, IL (KIKK) for AVCUP 2007

Flying finish at Dodge County, WI (KUNU) for AVCUP 2008 I wanted to be a lot lower for the finish but I misjudged the timing to let down from altitude - our planes get REALLY fast REALLY quickly when you point the nose down!! THe time of day was just right and we got to race our own shadow to the finish!

Flying my Velocity in these races has been an absolute blast!! And you get to meet great people and see fantastic experimentals. Check it out!! http://www.airventurecup.com


Rich Guerra Velocity XL RG N724X RACE 24 http://www.rguerra.com/velocity/