Rhodius N27TR

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Alex Rhodius N27TR

This airplane was offered for sale on Barnstormers.com in March 2011. It has the "Air Stair Door" modification. Exported to Argentina.

Built 1994. Airframe and engine (SMOH) 500 hrs. Catto propeller, Lyc IO360 A1A with air filter. Front and back oil coolers, 75 Gal useful fuel. EIS eng monitor. Terra Equipped. Audio panel,2 coms, NAV, TRIO AP coupled to GPS. Transponder Mde C and Mode S. ICOM hand held VHF. Dual side stick controls, center throttle/mixture, Cleveland brakes, strobes, LG warning light, VG's, electric cabin air blower. Well maintained and in good cosmetic condition.

Airworthiness Date: 03/26/1993
Builder:                    Tim Ragonese
Serial#:                    DMO131

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Exterior Pictures

Interior Pictures