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Here is a compilation of the Reflector discussions regarding parts for the "Old Style" non toe brakes. The master cylinders are available at NAPA, they're from the old Datsun B210 (from the clutch, according to a 1986 Sport Aviation article), part number 39102 for new or 1287 for the repair kit.

Order from these Links
Clutch Master CYL. Napa about $25 #39102. Repair kit 1287

Reflector Discussion Threads

Brake Cylinder Question

Brake Rebuild

Sourcing Master Cylinders

One New One Used

Replacing the Factory Cylinders


Kurt offers this option.

Not sure if anyone else did this or not, but I changed my master cylinders to this kind:

I ended up using swapping the rods out of the standard kit supplied master cylinder. They fit perfectly and bolted right up. They are a Whole lot cheaper and much better made.

Here's the link :