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Here are some aircraft known to have side-stick controls mounted. Below is Doug Kanczuzewski's (N77LY) aileron cable setup for his sticks, as well as the one that Reiff Lorenz is working on with factory assistance.

Kanczuzewski N77LY    Factory_N74GP    Tvedte N812JT

Here is the factory's new side-stick option, with brochure.

Media:Sidestick brochure - small size.pdf


John Tvedte's custom-engineered side sticks


More Photos

Doug Kanczuzewski Installation

Here are some pictures of my side stick set up. I run the long cables from the connection at the center up by the canard to the aileron bell crank, one cable each side. The worst turn is the bend from the canard down the side of the center tunnel to the floor, it is a 90 degree turn, but I have kept it to a large radius.

N77LY Side Sticks

The aileron cables, left and right, are attached above the canard.


This is the connection at the end of the control stick that works the canard. Tough to get a lot of photos as most of it is buried.


Here is a photo of the cable run up the co-pilot side.


Reiff Lorenz Installation

I posted a few months ago about running push-pull cables all the way from the dual side sticks to the aileron bell cranks at the wing root. Here is the final installation. It took a few tries to get the angles right so that there was not any stiffness or binding where they attach to the side sticks.

The cables run through the carbon beams, diagonally up the sides of the fuselage (I don't have any strake cutouts), and exit the firewall just above the spar.

I'm still really early in my build, and it will be a while before I install the avionics or engine, so I can't be sure yet about any interference or other unintended consequences. Since a few people asked, though, I'm posting the photos now that it's (hopefully!) done.