Stedman N7044Q

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Lou Stedman's N7044Q

"Pinky" was originally a factory demonstrator airplane built by Danny Maher in 1989. I believe (though they don't mention the tail number) Lou's plane was featured in [Sport Aviation in July of 1993]. She's a standard fixed gear with over 900 hours as of June 2008, and features an IO-360 (converted to fuel injection) paired with a Catto 3-bladed prop (61x72 pitch). The panel has a King KX155, 150XL GPS, and JPI Engine scanner, and Navaid autopilot. Lou had the "overheating gear leg" issue, and posted about the fix here. As of August 2014 this plane was for sale due to Medical reasons.

Airworthiness Date: 11/02/1992
Builder:                      Danny Maher
Serial#:                      DMO100