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Glenn Stott N435GS SE/FG

Glenn's standard top loader (fixed gear) has the original faster wing! Here is a quote from Glenn's website (he's a photographer).

Velocity N435GS is a custom built, high performance, four seater aircraft designed by legendary aerospace engineer Burt Rutan.  N435GS features a NASA developed winglet system and incorporates the latest advances in modern aerodynamics and composite structures.  The rear mounted engine ensures that propeller turbulence, engine heat, noise, and fumes are behind you.  This also makes the cockpit surprisingly quiet and comfortable while providing exceptional forward visibility. 

Glenn purchased the unfinished kitplane in 2000 and spent eight years of nights and weekends with Phil Pezzella finishing it.  In 2004 a wealthy Bell 212 helicopter pilot from Nevada paid Glenn for for the original registration name, N212HP, and thus N435GS was born.  The prefix is required for all US registered aircraft, the represents Glenn's old C130 Hercules Search & Rescue Squadron, and represents Glenn initials.

Flying your finished aircraft fills you with such a deep sense of freedom, inspiration, and satisfaction that it enriches your life forever.

Airworthiness Date: 03/14/1996
Builder:                     TWA Aero Ed
Serial#:                     DMO056

Glenn Stott Velo N435GS-1.jpg