Thomas N31756

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Thomas N31756 SE/FG

Deregistered since 2006 due to accident.

According to the pilot the engine had a "slight miss". The pilot reported that he was at 1,500 feet mean sea level and initiated S-turn maneuvers in an attempt to lose altitude and perform a landing on runway 04. The pilot stated that he was still too high and began to maneuver the airplane for runway 22. He reduced the power, at which time the engine "quit." The pilot stated that he was not in a position to reach runway 22, and maneuvered the airplane to land on a small dirt road. During the forced landing, the airplane struck a pole and several trees, resulting in substantial damage. For more information check out the accident page.

Airworthiness Date: 02/01/1995
Builder:                     Charles Thomas
Serial#:                    DM0116
Accident:                    09/09/2006