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Bruce Topp's XL/FG N125TP now ZU-USA

UPDATE: 6/18/18 Jan Rombouts reported has crashed, no notes on damage.

  Not lanseria but wonderboom airport, and indeed lots of fun, unfortunately zu-usa on the way back home to namibie today had a crash in botswana, luckely nobody hurt.

UPDATE:You'll notice that since going to South Africa it's had it's winglets painted a couple of times, and is again for sale on Barnstormers as of 3/18/2014.

UPDATE:This airplane has been sold to a gentleman in South Africa, and was delivered in October 2009 by James (c152blazer) who posted some video on Youtube. He has a book out now, and it seems the videos have been taking down, but I took a couple of pictures.

For sale (5/2/2009) on Barnstormers.

Airworthiness Date: 01/13/2007
Builder:                     Bruce Topp
Serial#:                     3FX018



Exterior Pictures

Interior Pictures