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Proxy Aviation UAV N30PX, N20PX, and N95PX XL/RG

The concept here was that the Skywatcher could be piloted to near the battlespace, but then be used as a UAV. News It looks like the SkyRaider (and the Proxy concept UAV) has moved onto the Phoenix line of Velocity-like aircraft from Freedom Aviation. Video Now also flying is N95PX, but it's unclear if this aircraft started out as a Velocity or was built from the ground up as Proxy's "Skyraider" variant, it's registered as the Firefly, which makes me wonder if they bought N2059U and retrofitted it?? It looks identical, all the way down to the down-turned wingtips. Velocity Views article File:FireFly.pdf.

Airworthiness Date: 01/21/2014
Builder:                   Proxy Aviation
Serial#:                   Unknown (FAA shows 003)