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I've moved all of my video content to the MEDIA section, click the tab at the top of the page!!

Canard Educational

... ...
Canard Stall Explained ... Scott Swing talks canard flying technique - includes an example of canard stall ...


Crossing the Atlantic

I've set up a set of dedicated pages for this epic journey of James Aarestad flying Bruce Topp's pretty fixed gear XL for delivery to it's new owner (Steve Strachan) in South Africa. Bruce's plane was rigged with 2 rear-seat-heardpoint-mounted 26 gallon extended range tanks with facet fuel pumps. Stock fuel capacity on Bruce's airplane was 72. With the extra fuel longest flight time was estimated at about 9 hours. The plane was grounded for about 5 days in Djibouti due to a magneto problem. He covered 10,000 miles in 22 days, using 980 gallons of fuel with the following legs below. I've included the preflight here.

Herald Journal Article]

Day 1 Buffalo, MN->Anoka, MN
Day 3 Anoka, MN->Rochester, NY
Day 4 ->Presque Island, ME
Day 5 ->Goose Bay, Canada
Day 6 part 1 ->Narsarsuaq, Greeneland
Day 6 part 2
Day 7 ->Reykjavik, Iceland
Day 8 ->Wick, Scottland
Day 9 ->Gransey, France
Day 10 ->Rome, Italy
Day 11 ->Crete, Greece
Day 13 ->Luxor, Egypt
Day 14 ->Djibouti, Indonesia
Day 19 ->Nairobi, Kenya
Day 20 ->Malawi
Day 21 ->South Africa

The YouTube videos seem to have disappeared, here are permeant download links. These are low res, and I may not have them all, but this is what I have. [1]]
No Day 2 file

Bob Jackson (FLIR Camera)

An evening with N2XF
Bob Jackson's Forward-Looking Infrared Camera
Bob Jackson's Nose Gear Captivator
Bob Jackson's First Flight

Ferrell N44VF

Second First Flight at Warren County (I68) streaming Best of return to Service streaming Ride Along: Landing at Warren County (I68) streaming Ride Along: Departing Butler County (KHAO) streaming Ride Along: Flight to KHAO streaming
Taxi with the TrenaKids streaming Overfly the Trenaman house streaming High Speed Pass (I68) streaming
Flight of 2 with EZ N47VE streaming Arriving at the Flying Circus streaming

Andy Millin

Dyno Run Engine Walkaround "Velocity Home Movie" from OshKosh2008

Guerra N724X

Velocity Dreams streaming
Airventure Cup streaming
Glass Overcast streaming
First Flight streaming

Antonio Espinal's Jet Velocity

Antonio Espinal's Jet Velocity
Antonio Espinal's Jet Velocity 2

Chris Barber

Chris Barber on the Houston News ABC 13 Mazda Turbo Rotary Engine Test Run

Kevin Baker's Videos

See the Rest of Kevin's videos

Child's Play N271TC

Flight Landing

Ricardo Fernadez's Velocity House

Extreme Homes

Retract Nose Door

Nose Door Anti-Bounce Spring

Rocket Racing

Press Conference Part 1 Press Conference Part 2 Test Flight Test Flight courtesy mojaveskies Blog
Airventure 2008 Airventure 2008 YouTube Airventure 2008 YouTube2 Airventure 2008 YouTube3

Visit mojave skies blog for more.



YouTube & Yahoo Videos

Velocity In Flight Alex Balic Subaru First Run Velocity Winter Flight Darrell Kufalk Berkut over LA EZs over Oklahoma
Rough River Scenery EZs to Oshkosh Rotary 13b Taxi test by Chris Barber Jet Velocity Reborn Delivering Velocity to Africa

James Redmon's Berkut 13

James Redmon's Berkut 13 Rough River Fly-by Sweet in-flight shots
Berkut - bird with an attitude Race start
Sunset Flight The power of the dream
Canard Fun Fun 2005-Nice Shot of Rich's Race 24 in flight!