Walker N36LV

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Bill Walker N36LV XL/RG-5

Bill has just gotten his XL-5 painting and she's looking sweet.

The seats are unique... Factory seat pans, Mazda Miata (circa 2002) outer hinges, factory inner hinges, some creative fitment engineering, Oregon Aero seat foams, local interior shop, and could not be happier. They look and feel like factory car seats, they fold forward for easy access to the rear seats, and the seat backs can be adjusted rearward by the hinge lever in easily duplicated notches. (They can also lay all the way back and down if you ever have to sleep in your plane or have the need to engage the autopilot and travel rearward to diagnose wayward gear problems).

Airworthiness Date: 12/04/2008
Builder:                     Bill Walker
Serial#:                     Unknown (FAA shows 001)



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