Wood N658SE

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Bob Wood's N658SE XL/FG has had a somewhat colorful life.  ;-)

Airworthiness Date: 02/02/2001
Builder:                     Bob Wood
Serial#:                     3FX017


Bob built his wonderful aircraft at the service center, and allowed the factory to install the first set of "Brazilian" wings and demonstrate them before builders at a Factory Open House.  These wings where built hollow (no foam cores) with ribs similar to the Lancair.  The wings were not properly built, as it turns out.  Either the winglets had no spar, or they were not properly bonded to the wing, I don't recall which and the NTSB report is somewhat vague. On downwind the winglets began to flutter, so Brendan put it down, but had difficulty controlling the aircraft at and it rolled. (NTSB initial findings report, NTSB full narrative, NTSB factual) Pictures courtesy of Fred Kerfoot, via Andy Millin. Additional pictures Courtesy of Uli Christen.

Bob 2

Bob 1