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North Korean KARI "FireFly" N2059U/N90NS/HL-EBD

The Firefly was a very unique "Velocity", built by KARI as a design study out of several kits. It was featured in this Velocity Views article. This is also the aircraft that Gus McLeod used to try and fly non-stop to the south pole and back in association with Florida Atlantic University. For that flight the airplane was heavily modified with assistance from the factory, with long-range fuel tanks, etc. HL-EBD is a retractable version of the FireFly based in South Korea. N2059U has been deregistered, perhaps rebadged N90NS (this is confirmed as the plane was for sale on Barnstormers 9/24/2013), maybe for Gus' attempt on the pole?

Highly modified wing made by government scientists for record attempts. Carried 4400 pounds to give a 30 hour endurance (2700 gross). Lycoming IO540 turbocharged to hold 65% above 27000. Garmin 430, transponder, audio panel. Slaved HSI, 3-axis auto pilot. Wired for Iridium phone. Fuel flow meter. 6-cyl EGT. Stand-by alternator. Velocity Views article File:FireFly.pdf. This airplane is for sale by Gus McLeod and Polar Explorer, Inc, as N90NS as of October 2015.

New pictures have been added from the 2016 sale on Barnstormers, where it is listed as having been used for UAV demonstration.

Airworthiness Date: 06/17/2002
Builder:                   KARA

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